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Another solicitation for scope suggestions

This is very similar to hundreds of other posts (many of which I've read), but as always my details are just slightly different and (as a relative noob) I would appreciate some experienced opinions. I also asked a similar question sometime back (and got some very helpful answers), but here I'm asking about a different rifle with a different purpose.

Here are my particulars and preferences:
  • CZ-527 in .204 Ruger
  • I intend to hunt PDs (mostly) and Coyotes, as-well-as punch paper towards the purpose of being a better shooter and for fun.
  • I will be learning to reload.
  • Most of my hunting will be in Texas.
  • I currently have a Nikon 3x9-50 ProStaff with BDC reticle on my 30.06. I like it well enough, but don't like the changing drop figures as I change magnification nor the thick crosshairs.
  • (For the above reason) I really like the FFP scopes and I like scopes with fine crosshairs.
  • I've seen the Horus reticle (I think it was on a NightForce) and really like the whole concept. I can wrap my head around the math and the 'clutter' on the objective doesn't bother me.
  • For the above reason, I'm thinking of the Horus Preditor, although I haven't actually seen/used that particular scope. (Yet I'm not keen at all on having just a one year warranty.)
  • I've seen the Zeiss Rapid-Z reticles, which are somewhat in the line of what I'm looking to find (allowing easy holdover and windage), but they only come on the SFP.
  • I do want to learn longer distance shooting (500+ yards), so having a scope I could move to a larger caliber later isn't something I oppose.
  • I understand there are mounts and rings that allow a scope to be moved from rifle to rifle with relative ease and minimal loss of zero. That concept attracts me, as I could purchase and use one good scope versus several lesser scopes.
  • I don't want to overbuy, but I would like to buy something that will match the potential of this rifle (and perhaps a larger caliber for longer distances in the future).
  • I have an absolute limit of $800, although I'm certainly not opposed to spending much less.
  • I've been advised to buy something with at least 20x magnifcation, but then I've also heard 12x is all I need, due to mirage and other factors. It leaves me perplexed. I don't have the opportunity to get out and look through lots of different scopes at a long distance range, so my personal experience options are limited. I do know that even with my old 30.06, I could shoot more accurately if I either had thinner crosshairs &/or greater magnification.
I'm not sure what other information might be pertinent to making a good decision, so please let me know if I've left out some critical factor.

Any experienced advice on scope and ring options will be greatly appreciated. If I can narrow down my options then maybe I can seek out some to go look through.

Thanks in advance,

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