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I don't own one, but in all fairness, reloading the 327 makes the cartridge even more versitile in a revolver... on my list, I don't list 38 Special... reason being, I'm better off down loading the 357 magnum, than worry about, or fighting the carbon ring from firing the shorter cartridge in the deeper chamber... same can be said about the 327... with a Trailboss load, I'm sure it could be loaded to around 32 S&W levels, & yet, still be loaded to 327 pressures, with no carbon ring build ups...

with my S&W 610, I'm still trying to justify the 40 S&W, because with mine chambered for 10 mm Magnum, ( which the cases are much harder to come by ) I could do the same thing as with the 327... there is just so many 40 S&W cases laying around ( a buddy gave me about 1000 cleaned & deprimed range cases, & I don't have a 40 S&W auto ) & I probably don't have 50 of the 10mm cases, because of that...
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