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to tag on to 44Amp's post, another thing democrats got religion about was to look for candidates to run for national elections in the red states and some purple states who were more "pro" gun rights. That took gun control off the table in those states elections and allowed the democrats to gain more seats in Congress. Howard Dean, who was the DNC chairman, I believe, figured it out. He stated something to the effect of "democrats need to start appealing to more southern voters and those from more rural western states. These are the people who drive pickup trucks sporting NRA stickers". He was right and his plan worked as more democrats won elections in those states. However, they are still more "pro" when it comes to gun rights and that creates problems for the democrats who are from the "anti" side. They can't get their own party members to support them when it comes to more gun control. At least not up to this point. Newtown and Aurora have provided them some political cover, at least temporarily.
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