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Obviously you do not take into consideration big game/ dangerious game hunting with a revolver.
I included a BFR on the last item of my list. Just didn't know enough about them to pick which one.

Honestly, I think the .327 is a far better cartridge than the .32 H&R Mag so I would go with that.
Great thing about life, pick what ya want and go with it. But while the .327 may be hotter does that really make it better? Not to me, not for anyone for that matter. We have no use for a .32 hotter than the H&R for we have the .357M. Is the point of buying a .327 so you can shoot all the .32's valid. Maybe, but I could care less about shooting the .327. Apparently not many do.

22mag in a Ruger Single Six is a great small game hunting round.
Maybe so but the .32H&R Single Six is a much better small game rig. Better thump, a whole nother class, and quieter to boot. Same applies for recoil sensitive SD shooters in lightweight revolvers.
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