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BOB... my problem with "the big guns" is not the bore size ( as I have a 4" - 500 S&W on my "to buy" list )... it is those long barreled revolvers... don't get me wrong, I shoot alot of Contenders with a 14" barrel, but add a full underlug & a barrel cylinder gap on a high pressure cartridge, & I've already been burned a couple times, just seems natural to me to steady the gun by grabbing that big pipe part way to the muzzle... no problem with a Contender, but not such a good idea with the revolver... I know they have their place with those that specifically want to revolver hunt, but I don't personally like my barrels longer than 6" ( it's actually a Blackhawk with a 7.5" barrel in 30 Carbine that's burned me a couple times with "gap blast"... I have shot a 500 S&W in 4" form with one hand before ( though I prefer to use two ) I also have an Alaskan in 454 Casull, & a long cylinder Dan Wesson in 357 Remington Maximum

SNEAKY... I do have a 500 Special of sorts... I have a Super Blackhawk that has been converted to 50 A.E. & even though it's a boomer in the Desert Eagle, it's quite tame in a revolver... I load mine with heavy cast bullets
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