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I try to be as anal as possible in my reloading, & FIL trained me well... up until I started shooting CAS, I kept track of how many times a case had been loaded, & sorted my brass by manufacturer, & even by weight on a few of them, do my best to size to length within a couple .001's

... still do for most of my rifles yet, but shooting CAS, I often don't get back my original brass, so I stopped keeping track of how many reloads, & stopped sorting by brand on those calibers... most are light to mid loads anyway...

but with the rifles, if I get to a certain amount of reloads ( varys by cartridge ) I start seeing split mouths or pressure signs at the web, with history, I know when to start paying particularly close attention to the cases when preping them for reloading...

I don't have a new Lyman book, but all the more reason to have multiple manuals, as many cartridges as I reload, no manual seems to have them all...
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