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Originally Posted by Old Grump View Post
I apologize, I have been reading all the posts but I speed read and miss a point here and there and I was reacting to the posters who say you should duck and run when faced with a mass shooter even if you could do something. Not the first time I messed up, and going by my past history won;t be the last but I'll try and slow down and take the context in more carefully.


Yep, I'm both old and a Grump but mostly I mean well.
I really didn't expect that. Thanks.

I actually feel the same about that myself. If I instruct the other half or family member to leave out whatever way I say or point them in the direction of, they'd go. I don't understand why people think if you're with them, that they have to be with you when you engage the shooter.

Anything so much as lead flying their way will possibly deter them more than you think. They've recently been people with video game training and chosen a place with no carry allowed for a reason. If we have any chance to drop them and make his appointment with big guns upstairs sooner, then I think that's how it should be dealt with. No more innocence should be taken at the hands of these mass shooters. They're sick and twisted.

Again Bob, thanks for that. Didn't expect it and sorry I came out a little strong myself.

Tinner666, that's a good thing you have going on there. They should offer you a job brother.
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