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With regards to the heart/lung shot I'll share the following with respect to hogs:

My neighbor and I shot this trio of hogs a couple of years back, all heart lung shots and 2 were DRT(the top and bottom hogs).

The center hog gave us a bit of a problem:

Reference the center hog, my neighbor and I were dragging the top hog out of the woods when the center hog came trotting past at less than 20 yards. My neighbor shot him (a little far back) with a 243 and he never flinched and I immediatley blasted him with my 45/70 again he didn't flinch. At my shot, he kicked it into high gear and ran out of sight.

We searched for a couple of hours and there was no sign of him, not a single drop of blood, nothing.

We figured we missed (but down deep we knew that was unlikely).

Well, on the drive off the property we found him about a half mile or so from where we shot him (lying in the center of the dirt road) and this is what we found:

We had both hit him and the bullet holes were less than 3 inches apart Front wound is the 45/70 (300 grain JHP @ 1900 FPS) and rear 243 (80 grain Barnes TTSX @ 3100FPS):

There was massive damage to the lungs and trauma to the heart but he still ran a half mile or so before he piled up and died.

Entrance wounds from the inside:

Exit wounds from the inside:

As far as we could tell he didn't leak a drop of blood on his death run and the "outside" view of the exit wounds were unremarkable and it looked as if the skin had "sealed up" over the wounds.

Based on this particular instance I have transitioned to Head/Neck/Ear shots (for hogs only) and have never had another hog take a step after being shot.
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