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"If your local LE know you, work with you, and have come to welcome your aid ans assistance, that's a VERY good thing. My experience thus far has taught me that I would not be making a wise decision to respond to a call like that and pass someone who is not an LEO with a drawn gun."

I can only say the situation developed. Once out of my vehicle, I was away from the scanner. The first LEO probably explained things well. I was 'near SUL' I think it's called and I moved VERY slowly when the cars started swooping in around me. I had told the first LEO we hadn't seen or heard anything. All ended well.

I've been at scenes where there was active shooting. I try to stay clear of the action. Once while being questioned, more shots rang out. THE LEO's and I all drew and took cover. Instinct and training take over. I couldn't explain it any different. I'd do the same at a mall, but I'm positive I wouldn't clear my holster until I knew what was going on. If feasible, I'm sure I would engage.
The area my shop is in is nicknmaed 'Little Beirut'. One contractor was killed in a robbery because he only had $2.00. The contractor next door said I was too hyper for having a pistol around all the time. Last year, we buried him less than a year after he moved in.

These are instances of how I've interacted with LEO's at crime scenes.
Do I also have to tell about the time the wife and I got to the shop and found two trespassers there and drew on them? Turned out they were undercover LEO's investigating 'last night's' rape and assault on the property. None of us knew the other.
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