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Can someone convince me that I should spend $300 on a 10/22 instead of $150 on either of the others?

I have worn out 2 of the cheaper guns, never been able to do that with a Ruger.

The base model Rugers are much closer to $200 around here. A breakdown TD model in SS is closer to $300. You don't have to spend $300 on a 10-22 unless you just want to. You can upgrade parts, which I do, but once again you don't have to. You don't have the option on the cheaper guns

Long term , $150 isn't that much. I've spent over $150 on target grade 22 ammo just this week. It will be shot up before summer. Once you shoot up the savings in ammo, you will have to spend many years knowing that for just a little more money, you could have had a better gun.
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