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Like buzzcook said, some states don't allow deer hunting with .22-250, check in to it and if it is legal the .22-250 with the right bullet is truly devastating on deer! I have never used the hornady factory ammo (that I can remember anyway?) I am a handloader and have tried their sst bullets, I hated em! I loaded the 162 grain sst in my 7MM Rem Mag, it took more playing with loads to get them to shoot than anything else I have ever tried, I ended up seating the bullet 40 thousandths off the lands and got them to shoot an inch at 100 yrds, I shot a whitetail buck through the heart at 300 yrds and the bullet blew apart and bloodshot the whole front end of the deer, when I got done cleaning the deer up the best I could, I pulled the rest of what I had loaded with a kinetic bullet puller and threw them and the rest of the box of hornady sst bullets in the garbage. I shoot hornady xtp bullets in my .44 magnum revolver and really like them, but would never shoot the sst bullets again!
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