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The luckiest SOB Ever! ((Noveske))

I must be the luckiest SOB ever.. So I was calling around looking for a stripped AR upper and AK parts kit for the AR and AK lowers I just purchased, during my call to one (undisclosed) shop, the guy on the other end of the line asked why I wasn't looking for a fully built rifle to which I replied that there were none left and even if you find them they are 3 to 5 times over priced...... The guy said I should show up at his shop in an hour and made me promise not to say a word to anyone about my confusing inside tip , he wouldnt tell me why I was showing up or his name .

So I showed up and hung around the various mostly empty (no black guns to speak of) counters and walked the store for nearly an hour and a half, just as I was about to give up and walk out of the store feeling like I had wasted my time, one of the sales men behind the counter yells out, who wants an AR ?

I immediatly yelled me and he waved me over with about 12 guys behind me also yelling for one. He pulled out a brand new still covered in oil loaded Noveske AR with several extras including a GEN 2 lower and all Magpul furniture. He also explained that his shop refused to mark up any firearms in these panicked times and hoped I would remember that and spread the word, I promised I would and will......

In summary I got one of 7 Noveske AR's which sold out in under 60 seconds.... I was told that I was in the right place at the right time and to purchase a lottery ticket....

My luck held out through the day as I found a source selling new stripped lowers and barells for my AR build Franken gun, now if I could only find a great AK parts kit and AR complete bolt carier group at standard non marked up prices I'll finish my other builds!

I'm pretty sure when the **** hits the fan I'll reach for my shiny new super hyped Noveske AR, that is if of course if my Springfield Socom 16 is not readily availible!

I forgot to tell you all the best part. I wasn't really even really all that aware of the Noveske brand until today, I was somewhat in the market for an LMT or Colt a few months back


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