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Remember everyone, the Ruger Mark III Hunter IS a single-action. It just happens to be a semi-loading single action, instead of a single-action revolver.

Sorry: Captain obvious flew through the room.

I am more of a bottom-feeder guy than a wheelman. And I am more inclined toward DA/SA revolvers than single action. That said, I would like to add a single-ten to my family of handguns someday, right next to the Mark II 22/45 and SP101 .22lr 8shot.

All will do the trick you are aiming for. Get the one that you feel the best holding.

I like to load 5 magazines at once and then focus on my shooting with my 22/45, but I also find it relaxing to reload the cylinder and think about my trigger technique.

One last thing I think was mentioned: the revolver allows the use of shot-shells for snakes. Shot-shells won't reliably work the action on most semi-auto handguns. Just a thought.
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