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It costs you for the initial setup. Your not even including the price for the dies and shell plate. The whole point is ammo will never be cheap for the 6.8. Its not nor ever will be in the foreseeable future a military round. Thats the only way you will ever get the cost down.

jimbob86 brought up the 30-06. For what reason I have no idea. 30-06 isnt even in the same league with 5.56 as far as price goes.

The 6.8 was developed for the A4 to be more lethal, thats it. It obviously has more uses. Am I going to shoot 500 rounds at one time? Hell no, its to expensive. New or reloaded. Will I shoot 500 rounds of .223? Of course.

I check my cases as I reload. I de-prime and size first and look at the cases. I prime them and check the case. Then I finally add powder and bullet. I look at my cases 3x. Only on rifle. I reloaded and shot about 10,000 rounds of .223 last year and havent used a case twice yet. .223 brass was cheap to buy lots of it.

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