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I would like to hear some idea of a positive reason for have high capacity magazines, semi-auto and full-auto firearms that was not based upon fear of, or fear from.
They are FUN!!!!
To me, that's a positive reason.

Pursuit of Happiness

Once you reach the legal age of majority, no one, save the govt has the legal authority to determine what you need. And the govt only has it by coersion (threat of force).

Who are these elitists (and that's an attitude, not an income bracket,obvious coincidences not withstanding) to decide, on my behalf, and completely without my consent what I need?

I don't need a lot of things. But the thing I don't need most is someone else deciding what I need. And in particular, I find people with more weath than anyone needs, telling me what I need, and what I can't have, because I don't need it, especially irritating.

Hey, MR Mayor, you want to do something good and meaningful for society? Stop screwing around with gun bans and how big a soda you can legally buy, and donate your personal weath to charity, to really help someone(s).

DO that, and maybe, I'll consider listening to the rest of your ideas.

All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better.
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