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As a completely new shotgun shooter, I have a few questions:

1. Did I get the right gauge and barrel length for trap/skeet/clay?
It is an ideal gauge... Barrel length will be fine or at least suffice for a new field sport (clays) shooter... Ideal for the most part for real field bird hunting...

2. What can I shoot through this barrel? Mossberg Maverick Model 88 12 ga, 28 inch (I'm assuming smooth bore), accu-choke? Can I shoot slugs? I've read a lot on it, and a lot of it seems conflicting.
It is a smooth bore barrel with (I think it should be) threaded muzzle for accu-choke tubes... Yes rifled slugs which are lowest cost compared to the sabot slugs which really need at least a rifled choke tube to get their benefits to show will be fine and are accurate and deadly on larger game like deer and bigger out to and beyond 100 yards but I try to stay under 65 with 80-85 being my comfortable max range...


3. Is it gonna hurt like hell to shoot this thing? What can I do to mitigate it?
A 12 gauge has some oomph and this gun is rather light (slightly higher felt recoil) due to plastic stocks but weight can be added to the rear stock easily if you wish... Proper form like "in the shoulder pocket" pulled in firmly and a good "cheek weld" mitigate recoil best...


4. Is there anything I need to do or buy right from the get-go like tools or supplies?
Cleaning supplies (plastic safe if you worry about the looks of your stocks and trigger group housing) and a boat load of practice ammo... Birdshot promo packs are cheapest to buy... buckshot if you will be using it and slugs to learn where your point of aim vs. point of impact are at for sure...

The gun does need a full field strip and cleaning... remember to remove the choke tube to clean the barrel and tube threads and reassemble with a lube ( I prefer old fashion "never seize" gray stuff)...

Here is the best video for the tear down reassembly tutorial...

Can help more with next round of Q's...

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