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I'm wearing my XDs .45 in a Remora holster as I type this. Works well with any clothing style I wear.
fivepaknh, whish Remora holster do you have? Do they have one that is more fitted to the XDS?

I checked out a few different holsters for the .380 and found that I really like the De Santis. I like that is fitted to the bodyguard acp and is very thin. I can adjust it to the angle I like and I've gotten use to it enough I sometimes forget its there. Sometimes I need an undershirt between the holster and my body as it tends to be a little more comfortable but for the most part I'm very satisfied. I'd like to find one similar for the xds and conceals well.

I carry my xds in a cover 6 holster
What is the website for these holsters? I'm having a hard time finding the manf.

Thanks for the comments!

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