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Tinner, I apologize if I seemed like I was casting any aspersions toward you. I did not mean to do so.

If your local LE know you, work with you, and have come to welcome your aid ans assistance, that's a VERY good thing. My experience thus far has taught me that I would not be making a wise decision to respond to a call like that and pass someone who is not an LEO with a drawn gun.


There is a WORLD of difference in answering a burg call and an active shooter. As has been noted, the active shooter scenario means that caps are being popped and bullets are flying.

I have long maintained that a good guy or girl who is armed can put a halt to that madness really quickly, and usually with good effect.

Of course, when the call goes out and the radio is toned out, I'm doing my level best to redline that engine in the patrol unit, lights on and siren wailing. I'm headed to the scene--and when I get there the rifle gets snatched from the rack and I'm chambering a round to prepare to enter a shootout.

Unfortunately, the sad truth is this: My patrol unit will to around 135 mph, tops. A 55 grain bullet from an AR or other firearm in .223 is moving at 2045 mph. So--by the very nature of the beast, even if we are right around the corner when the balloon goes up, we STILL arrive after the fact.

Apologies to all for the thread jack....
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