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Folks always try to explain how the antigun group and proposed laws are not logical, nor will they accomplish their stated purpose. It is my opinion that the real purpose is not stated and can only be guessed at. My opinion is that it is fear based. Fear of what ? Those in power certainly do not want to lose that power, and a bunch of people with guns can threaten the power structure. This is my guess.

Then as demonstrated in every election one side pitches the fear to voters that will manifest if the opposition gets elected. All one needs do is listen to talk radio and the host and audience to glean this. Promoting action through fear is nothing new, and folks on these gun forums do the same when they pitch the fear of personal death/injury from the bad guys if they do not have their guns.

I would like to hear some idea of a positive reason for have high capacity magazines, semi-auto and full-auto firearms that was not based upon fear of, or fear from.

When the number of people in institutions reaches 51%, we change sides.
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