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My first .22 was a Savage 64. It was a decent gun, but a little picky about ammo. The iron sights weren't particularly good. For scope mounting, it has an integral dovetail mount. It lacked any cross grooves or ridges, so scope rings would have a tendency to slide around over time.

I believe the Marlin 60 has the same type of scope mount, while the 10/22 comes with the more common weaver mount. The Marlin 60 has come in a few different variations, and the quality of the iron sights varied from model to model, but the sights on most Marlin 60s aren't anything special.

Overall, I like the iron sights and the scope mounting options on a 10/22 better than those of the 64 or 60. My 10/22 reliably shoots everything I put in it, and it even likes the dreaded Remington Golden Bullets. The 10/22 also feels more like a real gun than the lighter weight Savage 64. The synthetic stock Marlin 60s also feel like toys to me. The wood stock 60s seem better.
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