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Originally Posted by Alabama Shooter
That is a lot of handguns for 1/2 people. One of them is in a marginal caliber with a short barrel too. Unless you are the "Mariachi" I can't see how you would possibly need and use all of them and get to them in time to use them. It must be difficult to walk with all that ammo strapped to your leg? I would carry either the Kahr or the J Frame and then follow up with a long gun of some sort (either a CFR or SG) in the trunk. I would take the reloads off the hard to reach places and put them some where easy to reach like the belt line.
Really. Do what you want, but this is absurd. If you're primaries aren't working, you're calling upon a secondary, tertiary and quaternary firearm? You'll be dead by then. And if you fiance doesn't carry, how do you suppose you're going to pass this weapon to your lovely prospective bride when she's under fire? Carry a BUG if you want. Talk the missus into carrying a primary and BUG if she wants (key word: "she"). But don't for a moment think you can wade into battle with four guns of different operation and caliber, and umpteen magazines for same, and simply pass one over to your lovely bride. And then another!
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