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Old Grump is confused. So I shall clarify.

I was speaking in the case of Tiner666, not a mass shooting. The scenario he was involved in.

Please read up an catch up on the thread before you start blindly accusing someone over the Internet like an Internet commando. You don't know or what I would or wouldn't do. Your insults were sophomoric and again, blind. Yet slightly entertaining. No need to sum up ones demeanor in a negative way from a LE standpoint on ONE scenario. I know your username is "Old Grump" I see the "grump" part but not the "old" rather childish.

Tiner666, so you're somewhat known in the community enough so that when you call or appear on scene you're trusted I guess. From a LE standpoint.

Powderman summed up my views quite perfectly. I don't need to say anymore on that part if you read his response.

How was that conjured up into being a "coward"? Beats me. Some people have a hard time comprehending what they read.

Anyone can say anything they want here on "what they'd do". Fact of the matter is you don't know 100% unless you've been in that situation before and/or trained to be in that situation. From here it's mostly speculation and all for the sake of conversation.
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