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Break down and Cleaning time - sd40ve

Ok broke her down and gave her a good cleaning and lube. Purchased the new hoppes complete cleaning kit which was a nice all in one package. She is already looking and feeling smooth and sexy again. Can't wait to take her out to the range hopefully tomorrow and see If she resumes her righteous ways!

Ps if anyone has some specific cleaning and lubing tips then throw them my way. Not sure how thorough or correct my amateur cleaning session was.

I gave it an initial wipe down with a dry silicon cloth. Then hit the barrel lug and slide with hoppes #9 solvent. Used cloth to wipe down and clean slide. Then used phosphorus brush to clean out barrel, then took small cloth patches and slotted end tip and cleaned out inside of barrel until patches came out clean. Then I dropped my oil onto the 6 spots pointed out in manual. Reassembled. Racked the slide a few times. And wiped her down with the cloth again. Let me know if any of this is wrong, appreciate everyone's help and advice
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