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So, for all the experts here (credentialed and otherwise), what was the difference
You know the difference. Think back on what America was like, really like, in the 50s, vs today.

In the 50s if some girl got pregnant, it was a disgrace. The precious few girls I knew that got pregnant, went off to live with relatives. I never saw them again in high school or otherwise.

Today, in my old high school, they actually have a day care center for children of students. Most of these students are unwed.

Now, think back at the changes in our culture, all of the changes, that have taken place. Then think of the changes that would be necessary to facilitate such gross immorality.

That's your answer. We threw God out of the schools, public squares, entertainment industry, government, and in many cases, the church.

I remember a true story about a young girl from Chicago from a fine Christian family. She left her family, left the church and left her faith and became a whore. One morning she woke up in an upper story hotel room with a man she didn't know. She got her clothes on, walked to the window, and jumped.

A police officer responded and recognized her, because he was a close friend of the family. He was crying and said he knew her. Somebody asked why she jumped. He said, "Because, when you don't have Jesus Christ all that's left to do is jump."
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