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Is the 10/22 really worth it?

I really like the 10/22 takedown for its practicality and reliability, etc. Putting that model aside and comparing apples - blued steel, wood furniture, base models you can pick up in WalMart or anywhere the 10/22 really worth 2x the price of its competitors - the Marlin 795 and Savage 64? I mean, I get the whole adaptability angle, availability of magazines and add-ons, etc. but is that worth so much more? I've seen arguments here about accuracy and relaibility, and people have made the case that the Savage and Marlin are near equals to the 10/22 in most practical measures for most shooters.

Can someone convince me that I should spend $300 on a 10/22 instead of $150 on either of the others?
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