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"I've been badly injured and come very close to losing my life while at work and while enjoying the outdoors, theres some level of risk in just about anything you do. "

Life isn't perfect we must accept that with guns and people their will be shootings. The same way that we accept that if we have cars people will die in accidents or even vehicular homicide, or if we have food people will die from heart attacks, or if we have cigarettes people will get cancer. Its a fact of life, perhaps we should ban all these things? You chances of getting shoot at indiscriminately are VERY VERY LOW, which is amazing considering the amount of guns in the country. Furthermore, you can even reduce the affects of these shootings if you are armed in most situations. Again life isn't perfect sometimes the bad way will get the upper hand. With unarmed law abiding citizens we almost guarantee he will continue killing til police arrive. By the time they do arrive at that point it is likely the action will be over and you wont have to worry about being shoot at by a cop.

You do realize that "active shooting" means the period of time in which shots are being fired, right? So lots of "active shootings" have happened in gun shops, but not too many mass shootings.

Well obviously they prove that having an armed citizen could help the situation, which is the point I was really aiming for.

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