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Anyone who is stocking up on .22rf as a future trade good today will likely stand disappointed in the balance.
Or they could just shoot it at today's prices.

It is a little ridiculous and completely frustrating. Ammo isn't going anywhere so I cant understand why people are panicking and buying it all up.
It could be heavily taxed, online sales could be banned, making it cost more because of local taxes. All of which would drive up demand, and of course the price.

What I don't understand is how anyone couldn't see this coming. The election was coming up, and most of us know what happened in 2008/2009. Colorado happened, and then Sandy Hook. No one has a crystal ball, but when the weatherman says a hurricane may hit in a week, you should go out and buy water, food, supplies etc.. Even though food, water, plywood, and batteries aren't going anywhere.

But I do understand it could be very frustrating. I went to WalMart to look around today, and just like everyone is saying, 22lr is all gone. They did have five Remington Golden Bullets in 200? packs for $10.00 and some Stingers , I passed. They had .40 and .380, but no 9mm. I don't shoot 5.56, but did notice the shelf where it's kept was bare.

I later went to a big LGS in the area, and they had plenty of 22lr in cases. Federal 525 packs were $22.99 a box. I've bought that same box for 19.99, but I still picked up a case of 10. Today they may have plenty at that price, but tomorrow, who knows.
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