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so... you free floated the barrel, added a 7 power scope, and you reload for it and you suspect that all mosins are that accurate out of the box?

most people that buy mosins do so to either collect(IE not alter them in any way), or to shoot super cheap surplus(not that accurate). either way the vaste majority will never see the accuracy that you are claiming and then there is the point that your sample size is 1 gun. my sample of 3 places then at an average of 3" so the sample size between 5 rifles and 3 shooters on this thread puts the odds of obtaining a MOA capable rifle after modification at 20%.

obviously this group is not nearly large enough to make an objective view of the mosin nagant as a whole but the point is that many guns that develop a reputation for poor accuracy do so for a reason there are always outliers, some mausers are horribly inaccurate while some mosins are tack drivers.
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