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In response, some one posted the following. To me, it pretty much sums up WikiProject Firearms, as a whole:
Quote:I f this project continues to propagate false information, I'm going to start re-writing every article I come across, and leave the citations and links to project members. Get it together! Do some simple research, if you don't actually know what you're talking about. That's the whole point here - CORRECT information, not just the crap Jim Bob's Uncle's Dog's Owner's Roommate's Nephew said was the history of these cartridges.
"or even that it's safe to shoot .35 Whelen in a .30-06"

Now that I would consider impossible. Chamber size's are different for one.

I've found some very glaring errors in the cartridge information over the years, too, things such as the .250 Savage was derived from the .300 Savage.
Oops maybe not a slam dunk after all for Turkey Oak. But a A for effort is warranted no doubt to all who have posted. Well so long as there are many still willing to post their correct info here. I see no reason why not keep this thread rolling. Still a fair amount of info needed yet no doubt.

Have a question; If the 30-30 Winchester wasn't the first rifle cartridge to use Smokeless powder in the US which one was?

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