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I already made the point that laws won't do anything, also stating that a bolt action rifle such as the old WWII rifles are not exactly hard to use, and you can put an impressive amount of firepower down range, albeit not nearly as much as say an AR15.
Heard of the Mad Minute? At least 15 AIMED shots into a 12" target. At 300yds. In a minute. Anyone who has ever hunted with a bolt gun will know you can throw the bolt fairly quickly for a second shot.

And as for those old WWII guns, most of them were clip fed. I can dump the mag on my SMLE, slam 2 clips in and be up again fairly quickly. Hell, you can slam a clip in, flick it away when you pull your hand away, slam the second one in then ram the bolt home, flinging the clip off the gun and chambering a round.
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