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Bob Wright
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Just my thinking..........

I read and hear a lot about such handguns as the .475 and .500 caliber revolvers, and frankly, they leave me cold. They just don't fit into my parameters of a practical handgun. My parameters define a handgun as one that can be carried comfortably in a belt holster all day, yet can be snatched from the holster and fired with one hand. Notice I say "can be fired with one hand." The fact that one chooses to use both hands is strictly a choice of wisdom.

This means that the guns that most interest me are no larger that a Ruger Super Blackhawk, a Smith & Wesson N-Frame, or the old Colt New Service. These, and smaller, are the ones that get my interest.

Now don't go off on me, I'm not condemming them nor those who choose to admire such artillery. I feel the same way about golf, archery, blackpowder, and bull riding, interesting in a way, but no thanks.

There. I've said my piece.

Bob Wright
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