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Took my own new P95 out for a second round of shooting this week. The first session showed a lot of failures to feed or eject.

Before I took it out the first time, I cleaned and lightly oiled it. Perhaps too lightly. After the problems on the first outing, I used more oil before the second cleaning. Not so it was dripping off, but not so dry as the first outing.

Ran about 125 rounds with only one problem, a failure to feed the last round - That was with an new promag magazine. So maybe it was the mag, I didn't pay attention or try the mag again.

After the first firing there were light wear marks inside the slide above the chamber, so I hit that area with oil, as well as the spring and the barrel. Some along the rails, then racked it a few times.

Seems like my P95 prefers to be ridden wet(er) than his friends in the safe. Really liked the single action trigger pull on the P95 compared to his buddies(a Glock and a S&WSD9).

An easy thing to try before despair sets in.
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