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Originally Posted by nate45 View Post
If you don't have a tactical light, all the other urban warriors will laugh at you and make fun of you.
And if you mount it to the firearm and never practice with it in the dark, the rest of us who did not make fun of you for not having one, will certainly now laugh at you -- after you learn the hard way that reacquiring a target in darkness, when surrounded by brightly illuminated gunpowder smoke, is difficult to do without aforementioned practice.

Reminds me of Clint Smith's joke about shooting at things in the dark that go bump in the night...

"If you're afraid of the dark, turn on a light. Don't buy a gun."

Train with your gun-mounted light in a real low-light shooting setup, or ditch it, I say. Just my opinion.

If all you're going for is to blind someone, just toss one of those hiking headlamps on your head and everywhere you look, you'll blind anyone looking at you.

Ever followed someone down a hiking trail with one of those on their head who feels compelled to look at you when they talk to you and keeps turning around to do it? Only mildly annoying the first three times, after that you are hollering at them to stop turning around to tell you stuff.
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