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Awesome Response - Maybe Next Time

Many thanks to all who responded to my request for information on the Eddystone Model 1917 rifle. You instantly provided me with more information than I could ever have developed on my own.The members of this forum are terrific in terms of sharing their knowledge unselfishly.

The auction was held New Year`s day . My practice on auctions is to determine what I can actually afford to spend on a given item and leave a bid , I left a bid of $400.00 plus one additional bid of $25.00. I came out the underbidder at $425.00. The rifle sold for $450.00 plus the buyer`s premium of 10%.

We buy a lot of antiques ( furniture, glass, pottery, etc.) at auction and follow the same practice of determining what we feel an item is worth to us and leave bids. In this way there is no chance we might be caught up in a bidding frenzy and wind up exceeding our budget..

Hopefully I`ll find another Eddystone Model 17 someday and will have all of your knowledge as a guide. Again, Many Thanks. Buckley
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