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I've served in the military. Even spent a few years as a security officer. Had some police training. My 'bearing and/or demeanor may have had something to do with his response. Backup was several minutes away. Wife was armed but stayed out of the way in the car. I offered, he accepted.
The area in question is very bad. About 50 murders within a few blocks. Several at my shop. He may even have recognized me from some other incident. My home isn't far away and once a police chase ended a block from there. The LEO in foot pursuit banged on the house as he went past and asked me to back him up. THAT ONE got complicated when 7-8 more PD showed up!

Once, we saw PD lose a footchase. I knew hte area and asked if the two LEO's wanted to ride in the back of the truck. They did and we rounded up two bad guys. A crowd of about 70-80 gathered while waiting for backup which was 30 minutes away. Some A-hole in the crowd drew on the cops and I drew on himbefore the LEO quite realized what was happening. The hole took off running as backup arrived too at the same time.

Look up Blackwell, Hillside Court, Essex Village in Richmond Va. My base of operations, FWIW.
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