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It's good.
Glad to see you putting your views out there.
I basically agree with what Nate45 said about leaving that part out... It doesn't add anything and kind of clouds the issue.

I'm just going to quote one of our TFL posters here for an example of some of the "pithiest" writing on the subject I've seen. If you want to add a quote to your speech, I feel it'd be a good one:

"Criminally insane people will never run out of ways to manifest their violent fantasies. Solutions are not found by focusing on the tool used any more than obesity is about the silverware.

In America, we don't set the bar for liberty based on the acts of a few miscreants.

Both guns and gasoline are manufactured for the benefit of mankind. There is not much that's more dangerous than a psychopath with 5 gallons of gasoline and a match.

But if gas and matches became the weapon of choice for sociopaths, we would go after the sociopaths, not matches or gasoline. There would be no rationing of gasoline, no waiting period, no registration showing the number of gallons purchased. To even suggest that approach would be properly seen as madness."

- written by “Maestro Pistolero” on
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