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Agreed with the other comments.
I enjoy the SP 2022, and I do firmly believe, after shooting and testing many guns at a LGS, that it is a killer deal (mine was 430 new...can find them as low as 399). Very similar to the high end and pricey Sig P229. Personally I have zero problems with the polymer compared to all metal framed P229, and I find it a worthy tradeoff for 600-700 dollars saved. Out of the box, only one magazine is the only true drawback (while the price is is still a "hassle" to go online and have one shipped...especially up here in AK).

My sig works flawlessly (1000 rounds thus far), with the only operating negative being the slightly loose magazine (it rattles near the bottom if you move the gun in a fast motion). The DAO pull is indeed very long and heavy, but then again, I wanted that, and I have no qualms about carrying with a round in the chamber. I am by no means an expert (in fact, I am a relatively new conceal carry user), but I do believe statistics point out that, should a conflict arise where a firearm is needed in self defense, it tens to happen quickly, and a loaded and ready to fire defense weapon is much preferred to a unloaded/and or loaded w/safety firearm. I am still getting practice with the double to single (we should all be practicing with our carry weapons extensively, anyways), but I do feel (IMHO) that it is a safe carry option with minimal chance for accidental discharge (once again, with good practice and safe handling techniques with finger off the trigger). It is a solid "in-between" from models with a safety to models with no safety and a striker fired system (glock, M&P...which I own, etc.). My only other complaint (which is well documented with this firearm) is how easily it scratches on the polymer portion.

I have a Streamlight TLR-1 on mine since I tend to be out a lot late at night:

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Sig Sauer SP 2022 .40 S&W
Sig Sauer P938

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