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Originally Posted by MB21
Now, before you guys criticize me for the speech, please remember I am a High School senior. Don't judge too critically. But this is my take on the gun control issue. I will be reciting this next week to pass speech class.
I'm just happy to see a High School Senior who can write your OP, more less your essay.

I thought it was fairly well written. I'll only suggest that you might want to leave out the part below.

Originally Posted by MB21 in his essay
There are several things that are fishy about the story with the shooting. Many different accounts have been told about the firearms used. The Chief Medical Examiner at the hospital said that there was definitely a Bushmaster AR-15 involved in the school shooting. But a rifle was recovered from the trunk of the suspect’s car, not in the school where the other firearms were found. A video that can quickly be found by googling “Sandy Hook Massacre AR-15 found” clearly shows that the firearm is not an AR type rifle. If so, why did the media state that it was an AR-15?
"No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms."- Thomas Jefferson
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