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Yet another mosin thread - What should I be paying?

So, recently I shot a mosin for the first time, and decided I just had to get one for myself given how cheap ammo is etc. So, just my luck, there's a HUGE gun show coming to town. After a stop at the ATM for the most i was willing to pay (125+a little for tax if applicable) I was off to the show. And just as i suspected from all my research online, it was FULL of mosins. They I began seeing price tags, which uh, differed greatly from what I was expecting. Not a single rifle under 175. The compacts (m44?) were going for 225. All in relatively decent shape, but without accessories or anything. Just the gun. Tried flea markets, being that I'm in SC i figured there should definitely be someone selling one, and they couldn't be wanting too much for it. Found two guys, both with 91/30's in pretty bad shape. One was $200, the other $250. Wouldn't even consider budging on their prices. One place locally has a good stock of them, but they too want $239 for an m44 and $150 for a 91/30, + tax on both.

So, all this said, my question to you guys is: In today's market, what is the most I should have to pay for a compact mosin? Whether it's m39 or m44.


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