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"Persons who get any documented disability, aid or pension related to a mental health disorder or inability to maintain gainful employment due to a stress/social disorder(PTSD/ADD/clinical depression/suicide "

Any documented disability involving a mental health disorder?

I'm sorry, but you are completly wrong. First you need to go read the entire list of mental health diagnoses. There are more than 400 of them. Here's a link.

You'd ban people with diagnoses such as:

302.71 Hypoactive (low) Sexual Desire Disorder

302.72 Female Sexual Arousal Disorder

302.72 Male Erectile Disorder

302.73 Female Orgasmic Disorder

302.74 Male Orgasmic Disorder

302.75 Premature Ejaculation

302.76 Dyspareunia (Not Due to a General Medical Condition)

302.79 Sexual Aversion Disorder

307.0 Stuttering

These are straight from the DSM.

You'd crack down on women who have painful sexual intercourse (dyspareunia) and and anyone who stutters? For goodness sakes, why???

Read the dang list and think.

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