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Originally Posted by PawPaw
I'd prefer not even to use his name. The sooner that he's consigned to the ash-heap of history, the better.
I agree.

But I'll go one step beyond: I would like to propose that we immediately stop referring to the Sandy Hook incident as a "shooting." Shootings are carried out with firearms, so allowing the media and the politicians to stress the fact that the incident was a shooting allows them to focus on guns as the evil element. What the incident was, was a "massacre." And if you Google "school massacre" you will find references to the most deadly school massacre in U.S. history. I've mentioned it before. It was Bath Township, Michigan, in 1927. 45 people killed and another 58 people seriously injured. The weapons used were bombs.

"The media" are using words against us. I think we need to use words back at them, to redirect the discussion in more constructive directions. Don't let "them" define the terms. Don't refer to Sandy Hook as a "shooting." Call it what it was: a "massacre." And I don't mean just among ourselves. I mean, especially, when talking to the people who are fence-sitters on the gun control issue.
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