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Buying CMP M1. 30-06 vs 7.62?

I'm considering buying a CMP M1. I note there are a limited number converted to 7.62, I believe formerly USN issue.

I would prefer 30-06, as this is historically the rifle my father used and that won WW2 and Korea, but the 7.62 offers logistical advantages in a national calamity.

As a retired National Guardsman and member of the Retired Reserve it would be my moral duty to immediately report to our nearby state HQ in event of a great catastrophe, like a nuclear attack, etc. Presumably I would be issued new uniforms, TA50 and a M4 or M16, but if supplies were short, it would seem wise to report with what uniforms and gear I had left and with a compatible weapon. 7.62 would be the obvious choice. Likewise, if the government became tyranical, 7.62 could be more easliy obtained than an obsolete caliber.

Then again, how does the 30-06 compare to the 7.62 in competion? Also, don't these 7.62 conversions have reliability issues? If it had been that easy to turn M1's into 7.62's, as Beretta did, the M14 would never have existed.
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