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Depending on type press and powder, it is real easy to NOT fill certain caliber rnds. My older Dillon has since be offered retros by mfg to reduce this from happening. Example: If you shoot 5 or 6 grain of Unique in 38/357 hulls and get distracted sometimes you advance the station too soon. Been there!!! These mishaps are not as frequeint with HP rifle cases like 308 or 30-06, if usin a single stage press to load them and always dispense powder into hulls via redding and put them in a trey for examination.

I reload 9mm and 45s with the Dillon but I can easily inspect deep inside of case to determine if I had fully loaded powder into hull. 38s and 357s are very long and small powder loads are difficult to verify.

If you single stage each round, get you a loading trey to examine each rnd. If you use trurret press, try a powder that will almost fill case.
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