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squib load: possible causes?

I starting loading about 9 months ago (only 38 sp/357 so far). I haven't loaded a ton of ammo--I've shot maybe a couple hundred handloaded rounds in my 1894c carbine and S&W 66 revolver. To keep things simple, I've only used one recipe and the same components, and I've never had any problems.

But today, I went out to shoot the 1894c. I loaded the magazine, and fired the first shot. I sounded and felt normal and I saw the bullet hit the target. I cycled the action, saw the case eject, and saw the next one load in the chamber. I pulled the trigger again and "click." I worked the lever, and an empty case with a well-struck primer ejected.

I emptied the gun and checked the barrel and no light was coming through. I assumed a bullet was lodged in there so I came home and tapped it out with a cleaning rod. It hadn't gone far at all and was stuck very near the chamber. The bottom of the bullet was blackened and had the smell of a fired shot.

My assumption is that I had forgotten to load powder in the cartridge, but before I fire that gun or that ammo again, I just want to double check if their could be other possible causes that I should be worried about.
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