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For most of my life, I've used 3-9x40mm scopes on .22 LRs and .22 WMRs. They work, but I almost always set them at 4x or 5x, and leave it there.

Last year, I ran a 2-7x33mm Redfield on my 77/22 for a little while. It was nice... but not quite what I wanted. And, I still set it at 4x or 5x, and left it.
(I like the scope, just not on that rifle.)

In the end, I went for simplicity and clarity.
I wouldn't recommend the brand, but I am becoming a bigger believer in fixed-power scopes.
The 77/22 now wears a Tasco Pronghorn (centerfire) 4x32mm. When I have some spare change, it'll be replaced by a higher quality fixed-power scope (like a Leupold FX-3, if possible).

Hogdogs mention of springer-rated air gun scopes does open some other options, though.
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