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I'm an IDIOT!!

Went to the range today to shoot the ole Enfield No. 4 Mk1. I had my cartridge box sitting on the table and I was just loading them one by one while shooting. Well after about 20 rounds fired I grabbed another one, put it in the chamber, all while the rifle is laying on the bag and im behind it. Well the bolt seemed a little tight to lock the handle down, well in my mind I was thinking I had already fired a good bit and maybe the bolt is just getting sticky. So I slapped the bolt handle down, aimed, and pulled the bang button. I hit what I was aiming at, so nothing out of the ordinary YET. I pulled the bolt handle open the casing ejected and hit the table, like normal. So I picked up another one, this time I caught a glimpse of a red tip on the bullet. I took a closer look I was holding a 30-30 WIN Leverevolution projectiled reload!! Some how three of them got in the .303 British box. So reached over and picked up the last fired round HOLY CRAP I FIRED A 30 30 ROUND OUT OF MY BELOVED ENFIELD !! After calling myself every name in the book and thanking the man upstairs that nothing happened. I took the rifle down and inspected it with the bore light, I see no damage. Thank god that was a .308 bullet going down a .311 bore. The 30 30 case sort of fire formed to the Enfield's chamber. I guess the cold weather was freezing my brain cells. I learned a VALUABLE LESSON TODAY!!!

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