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To protect ourselves against a tyranical government was the reason that the 2nd Amendment was placed in the Constitution.
I do not believe the right was included in the Bill of Rights as a utilitarian means to an end.
I believe there was some of that ... the end being free States, and militia being the means ... but at the same time, I believe the RKBA was included as an end ... I don't see why the amendment can't have a dual purpose, a declaration regarding the proper defense of a free State, and a declaration that the federal government shall not disarm the people.

All of the Bill of Rights was aimed to limit the power of government, state, local or Federal, to infringe on the rights of the people.
The way I understand it, a constitution frames a government, and a BOR declares principles of, or limits up, that government ...such that the USBOR was intended to bind only the federal government, that being the only government framed by the associated constitution.
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