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Scope Mounting Question - Changing ring spacing

I have a Savage 93, .22 WMR. The stock scope mounting rails are short 1" rails about 5" apart.

The scope I have is a Leupold VX-2 3-9x33 Rimfire EFR. It's a nice scope but the eye relief is short (3.1" to 3.4" or thereabouts). If I mount the rings on the stock rails, I can't move the scope back far enough to get the most optimal placement to accommodate the short eye relief. The front ring is right up to the front of the tube and the rings can't be moved reward.

I'd like to be able to move the entire scope rearward about 1".

I've ordered an EGW rail, for this rifle. It won't allow the rear ring to be mounted any further back than the stock mounts. However, it will allow me to move the front ring backward 1". This would allow me to move the scope rearward that extra inch I need. What this would also do, however is make the ring spacing only 4" instead of 5".

I don't recall the actual spacing of the rings but it's about 5" or so, and this would be moving them closer by 1". What I'm wondering is if having the scope rings only 4" apart will cause any damage to the scope vs. the 5" spacing of a standard mount, due to vibration or recoil. The scope overall length is 11.6". It's only a .22 magnum but still I wonder. Any idea?
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