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Didn't read the whole thread, but since my new bench is not quite ready, & I'm moving everything, I took this time to do some sorting... when my wife's dad died, he was working on converting about 300 military 223 cases to 7.62 X 25... I was kinda overwhelmed at the time, & just put them all in baggies & stuffed them in an ammo can... seems like a good time to complete them, & get them loaded up... the process involves 3 steps ( maybe 4 ) 1st is cutting to length, then I see I have form dies for putting the shoulder in place, then the case mouth has to be turned... I think thats it... there are some that appear to be turned down some at the base, but I think they just turned when being cut in the lathe ??? we'll see...

I have about 10 that have been test loaded & fired, about 40 that have the shoulder, & 250 that have been trimmed to length... I think a couple that haven't been fired, appear to have 100 grain plinker .308 bullets, & there is a recipe card in the can, that used Unique... I think I'll shop for a few other powders to try out... I don't like using Unique in semi's, as it's pretty dirty...

anyone else out there formed the cases, & or reload for 7.62 X 25 ???
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