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Just an observation - in some threads, I see folks throwing around psychological or psychiatric terms that are misused, obsolete or misinterpreted.

If you want to claim someone is phobic - know what that means. If you want to use the term neurotic - that's quite out of style.

If you want to say that all should be tested for mental stability for getting a gun - what does that mean? Do you know anything about the predictive validity of current evaluative instruments?

Folks are emptying themselves into their underpants if someone seems to misuse clip, magazine, assault rife, assault weapon, etc. Thus, the misuse seems to be an argument that the anti's argument is unworthy because of misuse.

But then you argue about a technical field and sound to an expert, equally silly.
Think about it.

Good post. This has been bothering me a lot. Folks here and on other popular firearm forums are quick to condemn folks with mental illnesses and the medical care these people receive, without any background knowledge or basic understanding of these illnesses. Take these examples:

Argument 1: "we have these dang hoplophobic schizos with Asperger's syndrome who are crazy, and the dang doctors are overprescribing crazy pills and making them even crazier, and that's making them go shoot up schools..."

Argument 2: "We have these high-powered, military-style assualt-weapons with high-capacity clips that are killing people."

Argument 1 is every bit as ridiculous to someone who has basic knowledge of mental health as argument 2 is to most responsible and knowledgeable firearm owners.

What's the correct answer or response to violence, specifically to these massacres that are gaining publicity? I don't pretend to have it. The assertion that " issues at hand are certainly complex" isn't just a copout... it's the reality of it. But I think the point is that we need to be somewhat informed to have meaningful discussions about these things, instead of just responding emotionally with the first thing that pops into our heads. Uninformed, emotional responses regarding mental health is not too different than saying "well why do you need a gun that shoots as fast as you can pull the trigger, and has a clip that hold 30 rounds? You don't need that for hunting. Only the military and police should have access to..."

To someone who has never participated in firearm ownership and/or payed attention in history class, these may seem to be legitimate questions. However, with a little research... answers can be found. It goes both ways.
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